Guitar Repair

Guitar arrives in, strings removed and dust removed.  The strings are often rusty, and the fretboard has a build up of dirt surrounding the frets.  The scratch plate is often harbouring dust and dirt, and the overall body is holding grime from sweat and dirt and is dull in appearance and sticky to touch.  The chrome is dull and sometimes has rust spots appearing.

The Guitar is assessed and required work is listed.  It is important to assess the general condition and order any parts that maybe missing or worn that are not in stock.  Looking after your guitar like this maintains the instrument, keeps the playing experience to an optimum, and keeps the value of your instument!
The Nut at the top has perished and needs replacing.  The old nut is removed, all residue glue removed, and a new nut will be seated, set to correct height and glued in.  The fretboard is assessed and dirt removed and then cleaned.  At this stage, fretboard is cleaned - no polish or cleaners are used although a little linseed oil maybe used if required.
The neck is checked for any bending.  The neck needs regular checks for bending towards or away from the strings.  This is an adjustment made by the truss rod and is left for 48 hours to settle and when the strings are on the guitar.  The adjustment may need to be done a couple of times depending on the bending which is why we need 2-3 days (time to settle) to make sure the neck is set correctly to achieve the best string height for improved playing experiences.

The body is checked.  The scratch plate is check, and screws are replaced , if needed.  The chrome is cleaned and polished. All parts are stripped and cleaned and lubricated to keep in top condition. The bridge is stripped, cleaned and polished, lubricated and replaced ready for 'setting'. This helps when setting the intonation.
Complete, re-strung and ready for sale!

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